Are you still looking and comparing insurance that is right for your budget? Are the quotes that you’re getting comparable with the lowest rates? Will you get benefits like 24/7 no cost roadside assistance, and will you get rewards for not claiming? MiWay Insurance specializes in affordable vehicle insurance quotes that are flexible, cheap, and innovative. Some of the best benefits of taking up a policy with MiWay is that you can fix your vehicle insurance premiums for as much as long as 36 months – that’s 3 whole years!


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    Whether you are looking for insurance for your family vehicle , bakkie, caravan, and even your trailer, Miway as one of the best insurers in South Africa which can offer you a great deal. The main purpose of vehicle insurance is to cover you and affected persons against losses resulting from road accidents. Thus, in South Africa, 3 common insurance types exist, namely, comprehensive insurance, third party, fire and theft insurance, and third party only insurance. Some vehicles may require special insurance types, which may be added on your main vehicle insurance policy.

    Always choose vehicle insurance coverage that fits your needs. You can contact the insurer directly through their websites or phone them. Request a call back and MiWay representative will call you to help you to get what you need with obligation-free insurance quote.

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    You can get 10% discount using their secure online form and this brings you convenient as it will not oblige you to go to insurance brokers and spend your time trying to get them to negotiate the right premiums for you. By using the internet, all processes can be made online. You will get the following rewards when you filled in the required information: affordable insurance quotes, low flat excess rates, great service, hassle free claims process, earn rewards whether you claim or not, free roadside emergency assistance, an automatic 10% discount on your vehicle insurance by buying online and fix your vehicle insurance premiums for a period of 36 months.