Outsurance vehicle insurance is one of the South African companies that specialize in affordable vehicle cover. Outsurance doesn’t just claim to be one of the best insurance companies in South Africa, it is one of the best. An with plenty of benefits that are available to you as a member, you’re sure to get the best out of your premiums. You can even save up to 25% on your insurance premiums, and your premiums can be fixed for as long as 12 months!

Outsurance pioneered the business of no middleman. They don’t use brokers, and as such can direct all those savings to you and drive down premiums. The company’s claims process if very effective and easy by industry standards.

Outsurance Claims

Like any other insurer, Outsurance’s premiums are based on your individual risk profile, which the company does a great job at compiling. Factors that are taken into account when determining you risk profile are where you stay, the security of the premises that your vehicle is kept, your own age, and even gender. But what’s even more important is your claims history, which can determine the likelihood of you making claims. If you have a low risk profile, the company will reward you with low monthly premiums and even more benefits. This can be done under a comprehensive insurance policy, limited insurance, and 3rd party only insurance of as much as R5 million.

Outsurance was one of the first companies to embrace the use of the internet in order to settle claims. As such, the company has built an easy to use member website, where you can not only buy and extend insurance, but also check your Outbonus, amend the members or beneficiaries of your policy, and other things that you would otherwise have to go to a broker to get done. Alternatively, you can do all of these over the phone.

Outsurance vehicle insurance products

Here are the products you can avail.

Comprehensive vehicle insurance, safe_driver @Out, limited vehicle insurance, third party cover, and essentials insurance. For more details you can directly visit their website. You can read more about vehicle insurance quotes here.

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