Save on your insurance policy by purchasing a Hollard vehicle insurance policy. The insurer offers the Pay As You Drive product, which is one of a few vehicle insurance products of this nature in Suth Africa. Your vehicle insurance premiums are cheaper when you drive less, so why not consider this option. You can save more as a client of Hollard Insurance and a member of Pay As You Drive.


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    Hollard Pay As You Drive Insurance

    Save more and only pay for the kilometers you drive.

    There are a couple of criteria however, which you must meet if you want to buy this product. You must have a driver’s license older than one year, and travel on average less than 1500 km per month and be 25 years or older. While other insurance companies are offering decreasing monthly payments, Hollard matches your payments to the exact number of kilometers that you drive.

    Hollard vehicle insurance rates vary depending on the kilometers traveled per month. The lesser you have traveled; the lesser insurance rate will. This is great opportunity for all South African drivers who travel less than the average motorist.

    You can get vehicle insurance quotes from our website for other vehicle insurance companies of visit Hollard’s website to get more details about Pay As You Drive and other products that are offered by Hollard, which are not limited to just insurance.

    Motor Vehicle Insurance

    With our own service, you can just fill in our form and you will get quotes from a number of vehicle insurance companies. The response is quick and they will contact you for verification purposes and other instructions to get instant quotes. The main purpose of that bit is to verify the level of risk that the insurance company has to take on you, and therefore be able to offer you the right type of policy and try as much as possible to match the quote that they initially gave you.